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From Minami-Satsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Graduate from Musashino Art University.
Executive producer of “The Fukiage-Hama Sand Festival” held in Kagoshima Prefecture, “The Sand Museum” in Tottori City, and “The World Sand Sculpture Festival” held in Tottori City.
Became a champion in the WSSA World Championships of Sand Sculpture in Singapore.
Joined and won various prizes in other championships of sand sculpture.
Participated in exhibitions in Italy, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, China, etc.
Made the sand sculpture for promoting the Torino Olympics.
Made the sand sculpture for "the Tokyo Opera no Mori 2007" in Ueno Park.
In 2008 and 2009, made sand sculptures in Osaka / Nakanoshima in “Festival of LIGHT in Osaka.
Made sculptures for the royal family in 2011, Tottori City.elected the one of the "Newsweek 100 Most Respected Japanese People" in 2009.
Made the sand sculpture which was officially recognized by Lucas film Ltd. and designed by Walt Disney Co., in memory of releasing "Star Wars:The Force Awakens".

Works of Producer Katsuhiko Chaen


The Fukiage-hama Sand Festival (Minami-Satsuma City, Kagoshima)

The first “Fukiage-hama Sand Festival” was held at Kaseda City (now Minami-Satsuma City), Kagoshima Prefecture, in 1987, as the Japan’s first sand sculpting event, to  promote their city using its beautiful sand beach based on the eager willing by its citizens.
After that, the festival had been held every year (it ceased in 2002).
This exhibited more than 80 sculptures each, and these sculptors were, regardless of the professional or amateur, the foreigner, local people, local elementary/junior high school students, and 1000 or more volunteers.
The headquarters of the Japan Sand Sculpture Association is located here, where is the city of the pioneer of sand sculpturing of Japan.


The World Sand Sculpture Festival (Tottori City)

The World Sand Sculpture Festival(Tottori City)


The Sand Museum in Tottori Sand Dunes (Tottori City)

The Sand Museum, in Tottori Sand Dunes, Tottori City. The 1st exhibition held in 2006 at there.
This is the only museum exhibiting sculptures specially made of “sand”in the world.

Its famous executive producer, Katsuhiko Chaen, who is a world-class sand sculptor and producer, is also gathering attention.
The highest level of sand sculptures in the world are exhibited every year, inviting sand sculptors from around the world.

Works of Sand Scupltor Katsuhiko Chaen

砂の美術館プロデューサー茶圓勝彦の仕事、「関羽」中国伝説の戦士 2008年作成の砂像の画像

“Guan Yu” – The legendary fighter of China – . 2008, Italy


“From the Dante’s Divine Comedy”. 2009. Italy


“People of the Desert II”, 2009. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


“Story of the angel on the city II”, 2009. OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance


“Pinocchio”, 2010. Italy


“Tutankhamen”, 2010. Fukiage-hama Sand Festival, Kagoshima


“The Story of the Birth of Christ Jesus”, 2010. Italy.


“People of the Desert Ⅲ”, 2010. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


“Buffoon Playing a Lute (created by Hals)”, 2010. Netherlands


2011. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


2012. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


2012. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori

砂の美術館プロデューサー茶圓勝彦の仕事、「岐路に立つ勇士 イリヤ・ムーロメッツと三つの旅より」2014年作成の砂像の画像

2014. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


2015. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


2015. Tottori Sand Dunes Car Parking, Tottori


2016. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori

砂の美術館プロデューサー茶圓勝彦の仕事、「全ては歴史の1ページ 独立宣言から241年」2017年作成の砂像の画像

2017. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori


2018. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori

2019. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori

2022. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori

2022. Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Museum, Tottori